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Hunter Jacobs

Quick Summary

Detail oriented Business Administration student with drive to learn. Looking for a company that cares about its community and volunteers.

A Little Bit About Me


Multiple fast paced expereinces where communication is key. From scheduling clients to telling the barista to make a white mocha.

Computer Competance

Fluently opperate in Windows, IOS and most forms of Linux. Can grasp most coding and opperate with HTML. Skilled in Microsoft Office.

Passion for Technology

Using new technology, figuring out how to use it and being able to fluently use it is optimal. Technology challenges are fun to solve.

  • Ferris State University

    Graduating Ferris, with a degree in Business Administation in the Fall semester of 2018.

    Amongst my Major of Business Administration, a Minor in Small Business Entrepreneurship will be attained.

    The goal with this educational background is to have the ability to travel around the world and do business with many different people and cultures.

  • Hoschule Rhein-Waal

    In the Fall of 2017, I attended Rhein-Waal University which is a partner school to Ferris State.

    Rhein-Waal is located in Kleve, Germany and allowed for me to better my education in international business.

    Traveling to Germany was a great expereince and is in preparation for a life full of adventures.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

  • College Pro Painters

    Owned and operated an exterior painting franchise in Grand Rapids MI. Managed a full time team of 2-4 employees over 17 different jobs. Gained experience in sales, scheduling, prioritizing, management and communication.

    Campus Jobs

    Started working at The Market and learned how to count and record deposits. Then acquired a job at Starbucks that required detail oriented work in a fast-paced environment.


    Started and ran an online video gaming server for 2½ years before selling. Managed a completely volunteer staff team, which monitored young adults from the age of 10-19. Obtained skills in outsourcing and in HTML.

Business Related Organizations

  • Team Member

    American Marketing Association

    Currently participate in Ferris State’s AMA program. Volunteering for local events and helping fundraise. Develop marketing plans for local businesses that are in need of help.

    Team Member

    Ad Group

    Developed an advertising plan on Snapple for the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). Focused on idea generation.

    Team Member

    Student Government

    Currently represent the college of business with a senator seat within student governement. This position has say over spending and specific goals for the college.

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